15 Minutes Of Fame...

Here's a small claim to fame for me. I wrote the star letter in the April 2002 UK edition of F1 Racing. I've finally got the jacket! It's a bit big, but if I wear a fleece underneath it'll be perfect for all those days I spend outside in the cold/wet watching motorsport!

Get yourself a Type 72!

In early 2002, Lotus announced the Elise Type 72. I want one (and a Ferrari 308 GTS QV)!

Grand Prix 2

Here are two liveries for Microprose's Grand Prix 2. They're .bmp files;

JPS Lotus 79 GP2 John Player Special Lotus 79, click here to download the .bmp (43k)
Martini Lotus 80 GP2 Martini Lotus 80, click here to download the .bmp (43k)


A few sound clips about the Lotus 79. They're .wav files;

Mario Andretti on the advantages on driving a Lotus 79 (174k)
Team Lotus principal Colin Chapman on how "ground effect" works (299k)
Ken Tyrrell on the revolutionary design of the Lotus 79 (286k)
Brabham designer Gordon Murray comparing the Brabham BT46 "Fan Car" with the Lotus 79 (227k)